Aqua Sleek SQC2 / SQC3

Sleek Undersink Water Purifier

If you care about what your family drinks, Aqua Sleek Undersink Water Purifer is a compact, easy to use, filtering system that fits neatly under your sink and provides pure, clean water 24 / 7.

The easy twist and attach function with valved heads enables anyone to change the filters in seconds when required. 

The unit comes in 2 stage or 3 stage filtration :

Sediment filter 

  • 99.9% Particulate reduction
  • 1.9 LPM
  • Screw in disposable cartridge

Coconut Carbon Filter

  • Removes 95% of disinfectant chlorine
  • Takes out common taste & odurs
  • Filters out fine particulates including dirt, rust, oxidixed, iron, managanese & sulphide

Specialty Carbon Block Filter

  • Cyst Removal
  • Lead removal
  • Class 1 filtration media