Why ?

You  can survive without food for several weeks. But cut off our water supply and you’ll be dead within days. Water equals life: it’s as simple as that. Around two thirds of your body, as much as 75 percent is H2O. Even your bones, which you might think are completely solid, contain about 25 percent water. On average, we need 2.4 liters (0.6 gals) of water each day to keep ourselves healthy. With water so important to our lives, it’s hardly surprising we like it clean, pure, and tasty.

Many people buy bottled water in an often mistaken belief that tap water is dirty or harmful to drink. People spending something like $280 billion, worldwide, each year, buying bottled water that’s several thousand times more expensive than tap water.

Cost isn’t the only drawback of bottled water. Most of it comes in disposable plastic bottles that are hard to recycle. Dumped in landfills, washed away in rivers, dropped on beaches, burned in incinerators—plastic bottles add to the pollution that’s reducing the quality of Earth’s natural water supply. How ironic: by buying “clean” bottled water to keep ourselves healthy, we’re helping to make Earth a dirty place and making things worse overall.

  • At-home water-filtration water is cleaner than bottled water.The President’s Cancer panel recommends against drinking bottled water because of the contaminants that are still found in the water and the bottles’ carbon-based chemical composition (Bisphenol-A).
  • Water filtration saves money.Tap water costs less than a penny a gallon; bottled water costs 300 times more. Tap water filtration only adds about 2 cents to the cost of tap water.
  • Water filtration systems are low-maintenance.Point-of-use filters and water pitcher filters use replaceable carbon filters. Shower, laundry, dishwashing water utilizes as-is tap water, but your family’s drinking water is purified.
  • Filtered water tastes better.It smells better, too.